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CTE Promotes Equity with Multilingual Resources

Illustration of many students speaking many languages

Mid-West Regional Bilingual Resource Network (RBERN) at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES recently helped with an initiative at the Career and Technical Education Center at WEMOCO to create program promotional materials in a variety of languages, in order to promote equity and access for multilingual students and families. The videos and documents on the CTE Multilingual Resources page on the Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES website ( provide an overview of career and technical education programs available at WEMOCO. These multilingual resources are available in Arabic, Chinese (Simplified/Mandarin), English, Nepali, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. Translations were provided by Monroe One BOCES & Raland Translation Services.

“WEMOCO is committed to providing quality CTE experiences to all students,” said Assistant Principal Paula Boughton. “Our new multilingual resources are one example of how we are meeting the needs of students, and I’m thankful to collaborate with RBERN to support our ELL and MLL students.”

Tracie Fishman is a teacher at Greece Olympia High School who works with Multilingual Learners. She said her students found the information in the video very helpful, and they have a better idea of what they will be able to do if they enroll in a program at the Career and Technical Education Center at WEMOCO.

"The newly translated multilingual resources for the Career and Technical Education Center at WEMOCO are fantastic!” said Tracie Fishman, ESL Teacher & Team Leader at Greece Olympia School. “At Olympia, we promote the CTE programs with all students; however, all the materials in the past were only provided in English, and counselors, ESL teachers and classroom teachers worked with students to make these resources more comprehensible. Now, with these new multilingual resources including translated videos, English Language Learners and their families can more easily and readily access the information in their preferred language. It's wonderful!"

The goal of RBERN is to assist districts and schools in creating an educational environment for English Language Learners (ELLs) which engages everyone in meaningful teaching and learning. RBERN helps to build capacity within school communities to cultivate strong leaders, high quality, meaningful instruction and welcoming, inclusive environments for Multilingual Learners (MLLs). The Mid-West RBERN encompasses Monroe One BOCES, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, Rochester City School District, Genesee Valley BOCES and Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES.

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