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Updated Masking Information

This means that masks are still required inside BOCES buildings and classrooms.
If BOCES 2 receives new direction from New York State that changes the mask wearing requirements at school, we will promptly communicate the change to our staff, students and parents.
Please note, we are expecting very warm weather in the next few days. Current guidance does allow for discretion as regards to mask tolerance. BOCES 2 will use discretion for students and staff outside and in areas inside with high temperatures.
For context on the issue of masking in schools, here is a timeline of the information that has developed over the past few days:
On Friday, June 4, New York State Commissioner of Health Dr. Howard Zucker sent a letter to the CDC requesting a change in mask guidance for schools. You can read that letter at this link. The CDC has not yet responded to that letter.

 On Sunday, June 7, The New York State Education Department notified schools that there is no change in masking guidance going into Monday, June 7. The message reads, in part:

 “SED has been in communication with Executive staff regarding the...letter from Dr. Howard Zucker, New York State Commissioner of Health.  According to conversations with Executive staff, the intent of this letter was to obtain a response from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) regarding differing standards for summer camps and schools; it has not changed any existing arrangements. Therefore, schools should continue to operate under their existing procedures until further notice. No changes have been, or will be, made by the Executive until after Monday June 7 to afford the CDC an opportunity to respond to the letter.”

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES will continue to communicate with state leaders for further clarification and share the latest information with staff, students and families as soon as possible.

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