Making Linguistic Connections for Spanish Speaking English Language Learners
Starting 7/22/2021 at 12:00 pm until 3:00 PM
Event Groups:
• Mid-West RBE-RN - Mid-West RBE-RN Events
In this interactive workshop, participants will compare the languages of English and Spanish in terms of speaking, reading, listening, and writing, in order to engage students in cross-linguistic experiences in the classroom. Teachers of Spanish speaking ELLs will walk away with ideas for activities and lessons that are to help students work through nuances in the two languages. The workshop aims to promote the use of Spanish as an asset to learning English and encourage a culture of multilingualism. Please note, participants do not have to have any background in Spanish to attend and is not a course in bilingual programming. Participants will be given the option of attending the workshop in-person or participate from home, online. Registrants will be sent a pre-course survey indicating their preference. 
Please register through Frontline:Frontline Education (mylearningplan.com) 
Zoom or in person at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, 3599 Big Ridge Road, Spencerport Prof. Dev. Center rooms 1&2
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