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Guest Chef Pellegrino Makes Cocoa Bombs
Former Monroe 2 BOCES Career and Technical Education (CTE) student and current professional Chef Olivia Pellegrino visited the Baking program at WEMOCO recently. She now works for University of Rochester food services and is involved in efforts to eventually have all of the university’s food supply sourced locally. Her visit included a lesson in how to make cocoa bombs. This popular food item encases ingredients for hot cocoa in a chocolate shell.

The cocoa bomb production required lining half-round molds with chocolate and waiting for them to harden. Once ready, students had to quickly press the edge of the chocolate half-spheres against a hot pan to create a perfectly smooth edge, which was needed for a solid seal. Next they filled one half with cocoa mix and treats, and then sealed the top half onto the bomb. The final step was decorating the outside. Chef Pellegrino gave the students a tip: whatever flavor is inside the cocoa bomb should be hinted at in the decorations on the outside. For example, peppermint inside should be tipped off by peppermint chips on the outside. The students were enthusiastic about working with chocolate and each assembled two cocoa bombs.

  • The Baking students watch Chef Olivia Pellegrino (right) explain each of the steps in producing a cocoa bomb.
  • Student Laura Ciaramaglia (Gates Chili) gets a close up view of Chef Pellegrino sealing the two halves of a cocoa bomb.
  • Jayden Quintanilla (Wheatland-Chili) watches Kiela McNeill (Gates Chili) remove a chocolate shell from a mold.
  • Alexandra Destounis (Wheatland-Chili) removes a chocolate half shell while Jesus Solis-Telles (Brockport) observes.
  • Colin Weber (Greece Arcadia) uses a hot pan to create a smooth edge that will allow the cocoa balls to properly seal.
  • Ma’Nya Smith (Wheatland-Chili) adds the final decorator touches to a cocoa bomb.