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Cosmetology students win annual competition
Kaitlynne Robbins
This year’s annual cosmetology competition was held January 9 at WEMOCO. The competition judges hairstyles created by both the junior and senior students in the cosmetology program. Students had an hour to create a style - using the time to do a roller set on the hair and then styling an up-do. Judges critiqued the looks, using a rubric for creativity, the level of difficulty of the style, and technical factors. 
Students say the competition was stressful and that the room was quiet with everybody focused on their work.

“Figuring out what you want to do and then actually doing it [is stressful],” says junior Nyaja Williams. “You can have an image in your head and it can come out completely different.”

Three former cosmetology students served as judges for the competition. Danielle DiLorenzo and DrewAnn Godfrey are graduates of the 2013 class and Hannah Miller graduated the program in 2015. All three graduates are now certified beauticians.
The competition is held once a year, with two winners - one junior and one senior - selected from the group. Winners this year were senior Kaitlynne Robbins and junior Nia Greer.

Both students said adjusting the style throughout the competition was the most challenging part.

“There were so many people involved and I didn’t really think I stood a chance,” said Nia, all smiles. “I had something in mind and had to switch it up... I was freaking out because of the timing.”

Kaitlynne says the competition last year moved her to work harder and Nia looks forward to competing again next year.
Feature photo: Winning junior Nia Greer
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