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Living the California lifestyle
Staff and student making healthy smoothies
If you could go anywhere, where would you go? The answer was easy for students in the Village Plaza Transition program – Los Angeles, California: Home of celebrities, singers, Hollywood and Disneyland. So, with the help of the entire Village Plaza team, including teachers, occupational and physical therapists, social workers and aides, a virtual field trip whisked the students away to the Golden State.
The special day incorporated many hands-on experiences and learning opportunities designed to give students the chance to break from the ordinary and use their imaginations. Village Plaza student stars began their L.A. tour with an Oscar-worthy “Roll Out the Red Carpet” skit, that saw them stylishly walking their own bee-light-lined red carpet. Then they got down to serious work on Hollywood-themed word games and reading projects.
Their virtual trip to the west coast continued with Fitness Club at the Beach (exercise outside on a warm, sunny Rochester morning), meditation and yoga (no sand, but plenty of beach towels) and a trip to the Smoothie Bar (delicious drinks complete with tiny paper umbrellas).
The day’s activities continued with Job Club members exploring different jobs at Disneyland, like Make-up Artist, Food Service, Horticulturist and Silhouette Artist.  They learned a little Spanish, tried California rolls and wrote “vacation” postcards to friends.

Feature photo: Jordan tested his talent as a make-up artist.
This page: Staff whipped up several flavors of healthy smoothies for their California fans.