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SkillsUSA competition winners
CTE at WEMOCO held awards presentations in classes for our SkillsUSA competition winners. Students received medals for placing first or second in competitions, got pins for Statesman Awards, and recognition for being officers.

SkillsUSA improves the quality of our nation’s future skilled workforce through the development of SkillsUSA Framework skills that include personal, workplace and technical skills grounded in academics. 

(Slideshow at the bottom of this page or link to the full size slideshow here: 2021 SkillsUSA Winners ( )

Welding Seniors
Anthony Palermo, Spencerport
Award: 2nd Place Welding
Missing from photo: Lukas Hands, Gates-Chili
Award: 1st Place Welding
Teacher: Josh Padlick 
Automotive Technology Senior
Ian Richardson, Spencerport
Awards: WEMOCO Chapter Officer Vice President- Transportation; 1st Place, Automotive Technology; NYS Statesman Award
Teacher: Brian Walczyk
Engineering and Metal Fabrication: Machining Senior
Liam McElwain, Spencerport
Award: 1st Place Related Technical Math
Teacher: Randy Pearl
Cosmetology Seniors
Nia Greer, Brockport
Award: 2nd Place Cosmetology
Allyson Skehan, Holley
Award: 1st Place Cosmetology
Gracie Bloss, Churchville-Chili 
Award: Quiz Bowl Team
Teacher: Raeann Materise (missing from photo) 
Exercise Science Senior
Nicholas Gonzalez, Brockport
Award: 1st Place Job Demo Open, NY Statesman Award
Teacher: Nina Barbero
Nurse Assisting and Associated Health Careers Seniors
Celina Murty, Greece Odyssey
Award: 1st Place Health Knowledge Bowl
Emily Eichas, Gates Chili
Award: 2nd Place Nurse Assisting
Madison Johnson, Gates Chili
Award: 1st Place Health Knowledge Bowl
­Shawnee Stats, Brockport
Award: 1st Place Quiz Bowl Team
Cayla Smith, Spencerport
Award: 1st Place Health Knowledge Bowl
Teacher: Rachael Piccolo, Award, 1st Place Faculty Quiz Bowl
Missing from photo: Alexandra Servati, Gates Chili
Awards: 1st Place Nurse Assisting, 1st Place Quiz Bowl Team 
Baking Senior
Caitlin O’Hara, Spencerport
Award: WEMOCO Chapter AM Officer at Large
Teacher: Tom Noto
Criminal Justice Senior
Erin Kuhn, Churchville-Chili
Awards: 1st Place Job Interview and WEMOCO Chapter Officer AM Parliamentarian
Lauren Dauphinee, Greece Arcadia
Awards: 2nd Place Job Interview, WEMOCO Chapter Officer AM President, NYS Statesman Award
Brock Gossling, Brockport
Award: 2nd Place Criminal Justice
Teacher: Timothy Steves, winner of Faculty NYS Statesman Award
Digital and Visual Communication Seniors
Teacher: Jen Merkel
Cooper Karas, Spencerport 
Award: 1st Place Digital Cinema Production
Mason Eve, Spencerport
Award: 1st Place Television (Video) Production
Hailey Verstreate, Hilton
Award: 1st Place Digital Cinema Production
Kayla Wilson, Brockport
Awards: 1st Place Advertising Design, WEMOCO Chapter Officer AM Treasurer, NYS Statesman Award
Missing from photo: Taylor Young, Brockport
1st Place Television (Video) Production 
Dental Assisting Seniors
Teacher: Jennifer Probst
Brenna Reis, Brockport, WEMOCO Chapter AM Reporter
Lael Weiss, Brockport, WEMOCO Chapter Vice President: Health Professions
Missing from photo: Rachael Carroll, Churchville-Chili, WEMOCO Chapter AM Secretary
Child and Family Development Juniors
Cailyn Hubble, Churchville-Chili
Award: 1st Place Nutrition and Menu Planning
Teacher Jenna Karns
Ashleigh Naugle, Churchville-Chili
Awards: 2nd Place Nutrition and Menu Planning, Quiz Bowl Team 
Digital and Visual Communication Junior
Teacher: Jen Merkel
Arianna Leo, Gates Chili 
Award: NYS Statesman Award
Auto Body and Collision Repair Technology Juniors
Abigail Tanis, Holley
Award: Quiz Bowl Team
Jacob Gizzi, (senior) Churchville-Chili
Award: 2nd Place Collision Repair
Christopher Hall, Churchville-Chili
Awards: 1st Place Collision Repair, NYS Statesman Award
Teacher: Dan Boyler 
Cosmetology Junior
McKenna Olear, Greece Odyssey
Award: 1st Place, Cosmetology Junior
Teacher: Felicia Robinson 
Cosmetology Juniors
Haleigh Cushman, Brockport
Awards: 2nd Place, Cosmetology Junior, WEMOCO Chapter PM Officer At Large
Teacher: Lisa Doran
Adianna Christanis, Churchville-Chili
Award: 1st Place Job Demo A 
HVAC/Plumbing Junior
Anthony Elia, Greece Athena
Awards: NYS Statesman Award, WEMOCO Chapter PM President
Teacher: Dan DeFazio 
HVAC/Plumbing Junior
Noah Parsons, Churchville-Chili
Award: NYS Statesman Award
Teacher: Dominic Corona
Food Service Junior
Kiela McNeill, Gates Chili
Award: 2nd Place Food Service
Teacher: Scott Barnard
Food Service AM Junior
Morgan Vogler, Gates Chili
Award: 1st Place Food Service
Teacher: Scott Barnard
Exercise Science Juniors
Teacher: Nina Barbero
Esabella Smith, Churchville-Chili
Award: 2nd Place Customer Service
Chester Jabieski, Lake Ontario Baptist Academy
Award: 1st Place Customer Service­­
Baking Juniors
Zander Burton, Hilton
Award: 2nd Place Commercial Baking
Rylee Mosher, Spencerport
Award: 1st Place Commercial Baking
Teacher: Tom Noto
Dental Assisting Juniors
Teacher: Jen Probst
Jalisa Burandt, Brockport
Award: 1st Place Action Skills
Ava Schalge, Brockport
Award: 1st Place Job Application Process
Isabella Civiletti, Hilton
Award: 2nd Place Dental Assisting
Jaime Bunnell, Gates Chili, WEMOCO Chapter PM Treasurer
Emma D’Ettore, Brockport
Award: NYS Statesman Award, WEMOCO Chapter PM Secretary
Missing from photo: Anthony Wiza, Hilton
Awards: 1st Place Dental Assisting, NYS Statesman Award, WEMOCO Chapter Vice President- Health Professions 
Criminal Justice Junior
Samantha Kulzer, Spencerport
Award: 1st Place Criminal Justice
Teacher: Tim Steves 
Phlebotomy and Laboratory Science Juniors
Zyanna White, Greece Arcadia
Awards: NYS Statesman Award, WEMOCO Chapter PM Reporter
Amanda DiMora, Hilton
Award: 1st Place Medical Terminology
Jordan Bykowicz, Churchville-Chili, WEMOCO Chapter PM Officer At Large
Caridad Cassady, Spencerport
Awards: 1st Place Health Knowledge Bowl, WEMOCO Chapter PM Assistant Treasurer
Teacher: Jim Payne 
Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance
Teacher: Jim Slocum, Award: 2nd Place Faculty Customer Service