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Guiding by example
Heaven holding reading aids, like "I see a brown bear"
Preschoolers at Hilton’s Village Elementary School have a new role model – their sixth-grade friend and mentor, Heaven. Heaven has taken her younger peers under her wing, with the guidance of social worker Erin Dobbertin. Heaven, who is in 6:1:1 teacher Catherine Bulmahn’s class, enjoys visiting the preschoolers to read to them and to help them learn to read for themselves. 
Dobbertin said, “Heaven utilizes her own free time to help prepare crafts for the preschoolers. She makes examples of each craft project and decorates the therapy room according to monthly themes. She is diligent about ensuring a welcoming and enjoyable environment for the younger students.”
In many small ways, Heaven is making the lives of these little ones better. By sharing her time and her love, the older student is becoming someone the younger ones can look up to. Thank you, Heaven!