Unpacking the Academic & Linguistic Demands of the Next Generation ELA Standards
Starting 4/22/2024 at 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM
Event Groups:
• Mid-West RBE-RN - Mid-West RBE-RN Events
The Linguistic Demands resource has arrived and is available to download! Academic and Linguistic Demands: Creating Access to the Next Generation Learning Standards in ELA for Linguistically Diverse Learners (ALDs) supports the implementation of the Next Generation Learning Standards for sue in classrooms with English Language Learners. Mid-West RBERN is offering repeated sessions to unpack the ALDs. Participants will learn how to turnkey the ALDs for teacher use to identify the words, phrases and language structures embedded in the ELA standards with the goal of providing standards aligned, grade level instruction to English Language Learners. Teachers interacting with the ALDs will be empowered to design instructional scaffolds to address individual students' needs by language modality and proficiency level and make use of pragmatic tools that are useful for all multilingual learners, including those with disabilities, and all students working toward achieving grade level learning targets.

Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES Conference Center