Smiling student wearing plaid shirt and blue glasses
Preschool student sitting on swing
Student in the career training workshop
Two students learning Spanish with teacher at Westside Academy
Student giving thumbs up sign and smiling
CTE student receiving award
Preschool student working on a puzzle
Westview Spring Into Summer Run participants
Student welding at CTE
Ridgecrest Academy spring picnic
Cosgrove Olympics Day
CTE Construction students working outside
Two CTE students
Students at CTE styling hair
Cosgrove Olympics Day
Student in the machine shop at CTE

Office of Finance

Serving Our Districts and Our BOCES

The Office for Finance coordinates four services to participating districts: Cooperative Bidding, Rochester Area School Health Plan (RASHP), Rochester Area School Worker’s Compensation Plan (RASWC) and Shared Business Manager/Shared Facilities Manager.
The Office for Finance is also responsible for the business office functions for Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounting, Budget Preparation and Monitoring, Investing, Purchasing, and BOCES aid processing.