CTE student working
Students in a career skills training class
English as a New Language instructor with student
Hair styling at CTE
Students with teacher at Westside Academy
Classroom at Westside Academy
Heavy equipment demon at CTE
Learning work skills at Ridgecrest Academy
Learning to run a business at ECLC
Welding student working at CTE
Nurse with student at Westview
CTE students in the bakery
Using assistive technology tools in preschool
Student at the SEPTO Fair
Two friends at the SEPTO fair
CTE welding student
Students in the ESY program at Terry Taylor
Students in the ESY program at Terry Taylor
CTE dental students
Student volunteers at the SEPTO Fun Fair
Two friends at the SEPTO fair

Office of Finance

Serving Our Districts and Our BOCES

The Office for Finance coordinates four services to participating districts: Cooperative Bidding, Rochester Area School Health Plan (RASHP), Rochester Area School Worker’s Compensation Plan (RASWC) and Shared Business Manager/Shared Facilities Manager.
The Office for Finance is also responsible for the business office functions for Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounting, Budget Preparation and Monitoring, Investing, Purchasing, and BOCES aid processing.