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Corning Education Grants

Corning Incorporated Foundation makes hundreds of direct cash grants each year. Three categories – education, human services, and culture – are the focus of these grants.

The majority of grants go to community-based programs where Corning has a strong presence. Typically, this means the program should impact people within an approximate 20-mile radius of a Corning business location with at least 50 employees. One of these locations is in Fairport, NY.
Organizations interested in applying for a Corning Incorporated Foundation grant must validate that their program aligns with the Foundation’s vision in one of its three direct-grant theme areas: education, human services, and culture.
Education: The Foundation puts specific focus in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and STEAM (which includes the arts) curricula as well as workforce development programs that lead to productive career paths for young adults. The programs could include exposing students in kindergarten through 12th grade to STEM-related experiences and hands-on activities. At colleges and universities, the Foundation supports expanding the depth and breadth of STEM curricula.

At all levels, the Foundation encourages the integration of the arts into STEM curricula.

Grantees may include accredited educational institutions as well as youth and community organizations with programs that meet these goals.

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