Grant Writing

Grant-Related Services for School Districts All Over Western New York

  • Grants Research  
  • Grant Writing & Editing
  • Consolidated Application and Related Services
  • NYSED Audits

NOTE: The fees for all of our services are aidable.

Grants Research 
The Grants Office receives continuing updates on new grant opportunities and revisions to existing grants. Signing up for the fee-based grant writing service entitles you to three free hours of research for EACH separate project that you’re looking to fund. For information on signing up for the grant writing service contact Tricia Nesbitt in the Grants Office for details at (585) 352-2773.  

Grant Writing and Editing
When you find a grant you’re interested in, you may apply for it on your own, or you can enlist the help of our experienced and successful grant writing team. We’ll not only write the grant proposal for you, we can even help you design a project or program that will maximize your chances of obtaining funding. When you contact us, we’ll assign one of our highly experienced grant writers to your project, and these writers will:

  • Meet with your staff to obtain a thorough understanding of your project and identify prospective funding sources
  • Write a draft proposal and meet with key personnel to review it
  • Prepare the budget and all related forms, obtain the appropriate signatures, make the necessary copies, and put the proposal in the mail (or submit it online)
  • Follow up with the funding authorities and supply them with additional information as needed
  • The grant writer will prepare a quote on the cost of the work before she/he begins, for your approval in advance. If your district has limited funds, we can simply review and edit a proposal that you or your staff have already written.

Consolidated Application
One of our most popular fee-based services is preparation and submission of the annual Consolidated Application, which involves:

  • Meeting with your staff and gathering the information necessary to complete the online application and write the FS10 budgets  
  • Filling out all the required forms (FS10’s, Comparability Report, Affirmation of Consultation Form, etc.)  
  • Contacting all of the Nonpublic Schools where your residents are enrolled 
  • Working with your district’s Nonpublic Schools to plan their use of the Title funds  
  • Copying and mailing the FS10s  
  • Following up with NYSED as needed, to answer their questions and provide additional information, as long as it takes for your application to be approved
  • For more information on this service, contact Tricia Nesbitt. 

We can also prepare your C.R. Part 154, and/or your IDEA grant application, and/or work with your Nonpublic Schools to obtain Title I funds for their eligible students, for additional fees.

In the summer of 2006, under orders from the US Department of Education’s NCLB staff, NYSED began a series of audits of NYS school districts. NYSED told us that 100 school districts across the state will be selected for a Title I Desk Audit every year. We have a great deal of experience with these desk audits, and we’ll be pleased to help you prepare and submit yours to the NYSED auditors.   We can also assist with any follow-up site audits.  Contact Tricia Nesbitt ([email protected]) for details.

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