Curriculum Development

Curriculum Review/Audits
The Curriculum Review/Audits service is intended to assist districts in the evaluation of their curriculum and/or programs. Curriculum Reviews/Audits consist of classroom visitations, interviews with teachers/administrators, teacher and administrator surveys, a review of available resources, and a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations. Each curriculum review/audit will be developed in conjunction with the district and individualized to meet their needs.

Curriculum Reviews/Audits are conducted by a Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES team consisting of the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development and instructional specialists.  

Curriculum Writing
This service is intended to assist districts in writing curriculum K-12 that aligns with NYS learning standards and core curricula. Best practice in curriculum design is utilized at Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES.  

Collaborative curriculum development is available, as is BOCES 2 development and writing of documents for districts. The goal of these writings is to develop flexible, responsive documents that ensure coverage of key content and skills while providing maximum opportunities to incorporate resources and teaching strategies that meet the needs of a diversity of learners.

For more information about Curriculum, please contact:

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