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Reading Recovery is a widely researched and carefully implemented early intervention program designed to prevent reading failure for at-risk first graders. This program provides intensive individual help in daily 30 minute sessions which build on what each child knows and on the strategies that will improve his or her reading skills. Generally, students complete the program in 12 to 20 weeks. Reading Recovery students are discontinued from the program when they are reading and writing at the average of the class and are able to benefit from classroom instruction. 

Research demonstrates that the great majority of children who receive Reading Recovery instruction do not need further intensive remediation, have a lower failure rate, and continue to read within the average range of their class.

Reading Recovery teachers may be classroom teachers, reading specialists, or special education teachers who participate in a year-long training from a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader taught as a graduate course. During and after the training year, the teacher has a .5 FTE assignment as a Reading Recovery teacher and works with four children from first-grade classrooms for daily, individual 30-minute sessions. The RR teacher also consults with the classroom teacher on the selection, progress, classroom reading and writing instruction, and program completion of students.

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES is interested in supporting districts as they explore ways to enhance their programs designed for initial reading instruction.

For any questions relative to Reading Recovery or literacy programs or initiatives, please contact: 

Stephanie Smyka
Reading Recovery Site Coordinator
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Ph: (585) 352-2443
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Extending Expert Teaching

Literacy Lessons™

Literacy Lessons is an intervention designed to reach young children (generally Grades 1-4) in special education or ESL settings who are struggling with beginning reading and writing but are not eligible for Reading Recovery. Specialist teachers in these two settings are trained to use Reading Recovery instructional procedures to design individual lessons for their students with the goal of accelerating their literacy learning.  This course is open to teachers certified to work with Special Education students in special education or English Language Learners at the elementary level.

Essential Literacy: Supporting the Low-Progress First Grade Reader

Designed for teachers of early literacy, this course supports and expands the reach of Clay’s literacy processing theory beyond the intervention setting. During the practicum, participants provide individually-designed lessons to one first-grade child per day for the duration of the course.  At the conclusion of the course, teachers are prepared to apply their deepened understanding to their setting. This course is open to K-2 classroom teachers, support specialists (reading teacher, literacy coach, etc.) or administrators who work with K-2 classrooms.