Race, Class and Inequities Inquiry Project

Inquiry Units: Social Studies Grades 8th and 11th

Rochester city skyline

Connecting the Past to the Present in Rochester City, Monroe and Orleans Counties

The purpose of this collaborative project is to develop common units of study to be included in the curriculum across all of our schools that will focus on how race, class and inequities have shaped our region from 1964 to today.

From the Superintendents of the Monroe County Council of School Superintendents (MCCOSS): 
"We stand united in our support of equity and inclusion and we claim schools as a place of love and acceptance for all. Our school communities have the power to turn pain and prejudice into healing and understanding. Let this moment in history be defined as a tipping point – a moment to truly come together. Our children deserve better and we will do better."


Grade Level
Inquiry Topic
Compelling Question
Grade 8: Inquiry 1
Use of Language
Protest, Uprising or Riot - How do words shape history?
Grade 8: Inquiry 2
Rochester Housing, Education,
Health Care, Employment

Do Zip Codes Matter?
Grade 11: Inquiry 1
Rochester Housing Practices
What explains the segregation that exists in the Rochester region?

Grade 11: Inquiry 2
Rochester Education 
What is the impact of segregation on education and how have people responded to it?

Our Partners

The Race, Class and Inequities Inquiry Project is supported by the Rochester City School District and 19 Rochester-area Monroe County and Orleans County school districts, along with Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, Monroe One BOCES, the Center for Urban Education Success (CUES) at the University of Rochester Warner School of Education and the Monroe County Council of School Superintendents (MCCOSS).

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