Gladys Brooks Foundation

Gladys Brooks Foundation

The Gladys Brooks Foundation was created under the will of Gladys Brooks Thayer of New York.
The Foundation will consider grant applications for innovative projects in the fields of libraries, education, hospitals and clinics.
Grant applications from universities, colleges and secondary schools will be considered generally for

{a} educational endowments to fund scholarships based solely on educational achievements, leadership and academic ability of the student;
{b} endowments to support fellowships and teaching chairs for educators who confine their activities primarily to classroom instruction in the liberal arts, mathematics and the sciences during the academic year and
{c} erection or endowment of buildings, wings or additions thereto of buildings, and equipment for educational purposes.

As a matter of policy, the Foundation will make grants only to publicly supported not-for-profit tax-exempt organizations within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code.

Grant applications generally will be considered where

{a} outside funding for the project (including governmental) is not available;
{b} the project will be largely funded by the grant unless the grant request covers a discrete component of a larger project and 
{c} the funds will be used for capital projects including equipment or endowments.
Applications for direct salary support will not be accepted.

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For Grantwriting/Program Development Assistance: 

Grants Office  
Phone: (585) 352-2773 
Email: [email protected]