Instructional Technology Professional Development

Communication and Technology Services - Professional Development

The Instructional Technology team offers a variety of professional development training sessions for teachers. Not only do we teach you how to use the tools, but we show you how to integrate them into your teaching. These courses are offered at the Communications and Technology Services building on Buffalo Road, as well as in the component school districts. 

Our courses focus on using Instructional Technology to meet the NYS Next Generation learning standards, as well as continued SMART Board and iPad training.  We provide training on how to use our multitude of library and media services like Destiny, eBooks, Ensemble (video) and Learn 360.  There is also a strand focusing on Distance Education including videoconferencing and elearning.
If you are interested in learning more about Instructional Technology Professional Development sessions, please contact:
Donna Farren 
Ph: 585-352-2700
[email protected]