Distance Learning

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More Options for Students. Expert Tech Support for Teachers.

Distance learning offers more educational options for students, connecting them with experts and areas of interest far beyond what is available at our local or regional level. It is also a robust curriculum support tool for teachers. 
Distance learning opportunities are available at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES facilities or at individual component districts, and are fully aidable through Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES. Our distance learning specialists curate all of our products to find the best solutions for districts, and they provide technical support to ensure teacher and student success.
Contact Distance Learning Specialist Donna Farren at [email protected] or 585-352-2700 for more information. 

Learning Management Systems

Provide your teachers with an easy-to-use platform for class communications: One safe place where students can access all their learning resources, discuss, collaborate and hand-in work. Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES specialists can help you choose the right system (like the currently popular Schoology), set it up and provide training.

Online Learning: Choice and Flexibility

We offer two online learning options for NY-approved standards-based learning: Choose fully asynchronous online training or blended learning.
  1. Fully Online: an exciting and varied range of courses for all grade levels, taught by NY-certified teachers. Even small districts can offer all AP courses, diverse electives and catch-up required courses. 
  2. Blended Learning: rich, digital content designed to be used in conjunction with teacher-led curriculum and/or teacher or counselor guidance. Often used in credit recovery classroom situations.

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Videoconferencing: Opening Windows to the World

Engage your students and help them connect to world-renowned experts or student peers in other cities and countries. We’ve curated hundreds of videoconferencing opportunities, many of them completely free, in all subjects for all age groups and abilities.