Bring the World to Your Classroom

Teachers around our districts are embracing videoconferencing as an easy way to bring the world into their Pre-K-12 classrooms. Students can chat with world-renowned experts. They can connect to peers in classrooms around the country, explore subjects in depth or collaborate on special projects. High school students can use our Career Connections series to meet professionals from nursing or engineering, sports, entertainment and business. Even small districts can offer an unlimited variety of educational experiences. School administrators are using the tools, too, for more productive face-to-face meetings, interviews and conferences.
We’ve set up videoconferences for all ages and all abilities: many of them are completely free to our participating districts. We can help you find grants for others, and everything is fully aidable through Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES.

How are Districts Using Videoconferencing in the Classroom?

There are many different opportunities:

  • Around our districts, students of all ages and abilities have made virtual visits to art museums, studied Japanese puppetry, learned about D-Day, heard from well-known writers, poets, scientists and mathematicians.
  • In Hilton, teacher Keri Kephart’s class was an interactive site for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s video lesson on arachnids. Her students prepared with reading and study, asked questions and discussed what they learned post-conference.
  • Brockport teacher Susan DeJohn connected her class to one in Illinois for a shared book read, pen pal letters and live video discussion.
  • Career Connections, targeted to high school students, has scheduled experts from the NFL and Blue Man Group, plus presentations with realtors, radio DJs, engineering, nursing and business for 2019-20. (Contact us for the current schedule)  

Our distance learning specialists can help teachers find the right opportunities, and choose and use appropriate technologies, like Zoom, Flipgrid and others, to create a rich learning experience for students.

Contact Distance Learning Specialist Donna Farren at [email protected] or 585-352-2700 for more information.