Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology Specialists

The Instructional Technology collaborative group consists of a combination of Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES and component district-based Instructional Technology Specialists (ITS) and the Distance Learning Specialist. The members of this group are certified educators proficient in classroom instruction, professional development and educational technology. As a team, they:  

  • Provide professional development in all areas of technology integration including designing learning experiences, assessing student learning and differentiating instruction.
  • Support the selection and management of digital tools and resources.
  • Model and promote of all areas of digital citizenship.
  • Facilitate distance learning opportunities for classroom teachers.
  • Assist curriculum writers to infuse technology and content standards.
  • Support the development, communication and implementation of the district's instructional technology plan.

For more information about Instructional Technology at BOCES 2, please contact: 

Ray Miller
Supervising Manager
3625 Buffalo Road
Rochester, NY 14624
Ph: (585) 349-9012
Fax: (585) 349-9050