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Synchronous learning: Students at home can see same lesson
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Video conferencing at Terry Taylor Elementary
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Communication & Technology Services


Update from Hilton CSD

As part of the BOCES 2's efforts to keep you informed of the investigation and ongoing safety measures in the Hilton Central School District, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES District Superintendent Jo Anne L. Antonacci wanted to share these messages from Hilton CSD Superintendent Dr. Casey Kosiorek and local law enforcement.
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Student eating a snack

Creative Problem Solvers at Westview

6:1:2 students at Westview in the Department for Exceptional Children wanted to learn how to make steak without an oven or stove top. They used the air fryer!
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Mark McLean and audience

The Career Forecast is Sunny and Successful

Communication was the career development theme of the month, and on March 1 students at ECLC welcomed a communications expert to the Career Skills Center: 13 WHAM -TV meteorologist Mark McLean.
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Engineering students demonstrate catapult

Equity and Inclusion at Brockport High School

Engineering students at Brockport High School are challenging themselves to invent new ways for peers in the school’s 6:1:1 Medically Fragile class to participate more fully in a variety of physical activities.
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Instructional Technology PD Events


Publishing Student Writing with Book Creator (Free Version)

Book Creator is powerful tool for your students to share and publish their writing inside the classroom….and possibly beyond. Book Creator is a website that allows both teachers and students to write and create their own online book. These interactive books can contain many different elements including - photos, videos, drawing, sound recordings, and even embedded html widgets Once these books are finished, teachers can publish to the web. Now anyone with access to an internet connected device can read student-published books! And if students want a paper copy of their book, it can be printed as well. In this workshop, teachers will learn how to create several different types of online, interactive books using Book Creator.

This workshop will be online via Zoom. The link will be sent prior to the session.


EdTech Connect

Join this virtual meeting series to connect and collaborate with other EdTech leaders in the region. We will meet every month to share activities from districts in our region, discuss technology resources, discover new technology tools, and continue the work on the New York State Computer Science and Digital Fluency Standards. Who should attend? Anyone involved with instructional technology leadership!
• Instructional Technology Coaches
• Administrators
• Classroom Teachers
• Curriculum Coordinators


Go Live: How to Livestream your Classroom with Panopto!

Have you ever wanted to broadcast special events in your school or classroom, like the livestreams you see on Facebook or Instagram? Panopto makes it easy for any teacher to create a livestream which can be shared through a link with families and anyone outside of school. Learn how to use Panopto to go live in your classroom!

This session will be live via Zoom. Registrants will receive the link prior to the session.


Feels Like a Game! (in-person)

What if school were your students' favorite game? In a gamified environment, students feel the freedom to fail (and learn from it!), safe to explore, encouraged to collaborate (multiplayer), & are deeply engaged. Gaming isn't just for nerds in basements! Join us to see how games can teach us a thing or two about intrinsic motivation, higher order thinking, feedback and SO much more. You will walk away with a simple method for making your instruction feel more like a game.


Communication and Technology Services (CaTS) at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES focuses its resources to help districts optimize the management and delivery of information, a strategic resource of every organization, by providing expert assistance in technology, writing, design, printing, and multi-media.
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