National Council for the Social Studies - Jean Dresden Award

Jean Dresden Grambs Distinguished Career Research in Social Studies Award

The Jean Dresden Grambs Distinguished Career Research Award recognizes professionals who have made extensive contributions to knowledge concerning significant areas of social studies education through meritorious research.

The use of the term research in reference to this award shall be broadly construed to mean any and all forms of recognized formal research -methodologies, paradigms and perspectives. Eligible research is that which has:

  • added significantly to understanding of the status, impact, characteristics and activities of social studies education or social education, including several separate and distinct contributions related to curriculum, instruction, evaluation and the learning and teaching of and in the social studies;
  • stimulated a sense of responsibility among and fostered other professionals to engage in additional research efforts;
  • added significantly to the information bases to those working in the social studies/social education field as evidenced by citations of their work within the social studies literature; and
  • been used by professionals as the basis for significant decisions, rationales and practices related to one or more areas of social studies curriculum instruction, evaluation, teaching or learning. 

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