Laura J. Niles Foundation

Laura J. Niles Foundation

The Laura J. Niles Foundation encourages and supports efforts that offer learning and economic growth opportunities for the motivated poor. Of equal importance are charitable initiatives that foster life enrichment through canine and other types of animal companionship. The foundation has a particular interest in education, economic self-sufficiency and programs that alleviate unhealthy dependencies. With regard to animals, most notably dogs, the foundation's areas of concentration center around canine health research, animal protection & adoption, search & rescue training, human assistance and similar fields of interest. 
Primary Program Interests
  • Animals - The Foundation is seeking ways to benefit animals, particularly dogs, and is especially interested in efforts that help animals and people simultaneously.  The Foundation is targeting areas that include specific medical research, animal adoption, search & rescue, assistance dogs, and similar fields of interest.  Currently, the Foundation does not consider spay/neuter programs to be a priority, given the limited funds it has available. 
  • Education - Included in this interest area are primary, secondary and higher education, and also special education, literacy and ethics.
  • Economic Self-Sufficiency - This program area includes but is not limited to:  the encouragement and support of entrepreneurialism, mentoring, and job training initiatives.
  • Disadvantaged Individuals - Interests here include assisting the underprivileged and individuals with disabilities. 

NOTE: The Foundation does not give grants to government agencies; it's unclear whether or not they include school districts in this category.  

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For Grantwriting/Program Development Assistance:

Grants Office  
Phone: (585) 352-2773
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