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Library of Congress Grant Programs

The Library of Congress awards grants to educational organizations, including universities, historical societies, foundations, for-profit companies, and school districts that assist in the design and delivery of the TPS (Teaching with Primary Sources) program. These grantees, who comprise the TPS Consortium, deliver TPS professional development and academic courses, design curriculum and apps/online interactives using primary sources from the Library’s collections, and or conduct research on the classroom use of primary sources. 

 The TPS Regional program promotes the widespread, sustained and effective use of primary sources from the Library of Congress in K-12 classrooms by increasing access to the TPS program. Through this effort, hundreds of organizations from all 50 states, and the District of Columbia have enhanced their programming for educators.

School districts, universities, cultural institutions, library systems and other educational organizations may apply for grants of up to $20,000 to incorporate TPS materials and methods into their existing education and professional development programs for pre and in-service teachers, librarians, and other K-12 educators.

Grant recipients may use TPS funding to meet a variety of programmatic needs, including:

  • Delivering online or face-to-face TPS workshops
  • Embedding TPS materials and content into broader professional development programs
  • Revising undergraduate or graduate course syllabi or curricula to include a TPS focus

A 2017 evaluation of the TPS Regional program, conducted by Gallup, found that 83 percent of teachers who participated in professional development or academic courses funded through this program increased use of primary sources in their classrooms. Eighty-seven percent of respondents told colleagues about the primary sources and materials available on the Library of Congress Teachers Page.

Requesting a Grant

  • The TPS Regional program accepts proposals for projects lasting up to 18 months, on a rolling basis.
  • Before applying for a grant, please review the website for Eastern region and submit a Notice of Intent. Regional staff will help you determine if your grant idea falls within the funding guidelines of the program.
  • The TPS Regional program can offer advice and assistance to organizations who would like to incorporate TPS methods and materials into their programs, but do not need or receive funding 

 To apply for a grant in the Eastern Region, click on this link: website for Eastern region

 For information on Grant Guidelines, click on the Link below.

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For Grantwriting/Program Development Assistance:

Grants Office  
Phone: (585) 352-2773
Email: [email protected]