Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation

Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation

The Foundation seeks to contribute to the development, implementation and/or field testing of environmental curricula that meet the mission, goals and requirements below.

Grant Mission:  

The mission of our grant program is to support educators in developing and implementing holistic environmental curricula that:

• Integrate field activities and classroom teaching, and

• Incorporate basic ecological principles and problem solving.

Grant Goals:  

We have developed our grant program with the following goals:

• To empower and encourage students to become involved in solving environmental and social problems

• To promote thoughtful and appropriate analysis and understanding of the natural world

• To train students as informed decision makers through the emphasis and application of basic ecological principles.

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For Grantwriting/Program Development Assistance:

Grants Office  
Phone: (585) 352-2773
Email: [email protected]