Northeast Agricultural Education Foundation, Inc.

Northeast Agricultural Education Foundation

The primary goal of the Foundation is to support education and leadership training organizations dedicated to serving the interests of farmers and rural communities in the Northeast. The Foundation anticipates making about 25–30 grants each year generally ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 per grant

Contributions will be focused geographically primarily in the northeastern United States. Programs or projects are expected to be primarily statewide or larger activities.

The Foundation will support organizations whose activities either promote agricultural leadership development, help foster a better understanding of agriculture and/or our food production system, or improve the quality of life for farmers.

Of particular interest to the Foundation are those organizations that: 1) provide agricultural leadership training; 2) provide education about agriculture; 3) educate citizens, especially youth, about how food is produced and processed; or 4) promote farm safety awareness, especially those which educate and train farmers and their families.

Guidelines on how to apply may be found on the website (click on Link below).

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For Grantwriting/Program Development Assistance:

Grants Office  
Phone: (585) 352-2773
Email: [email protected]