OpenText Corporate Giving Program

Corporate Giving Program

At OpenText, we are committed to our role as a responsible corporate citizen. Through numerous initiatives, we support education and innovation for global change, children and family, global disaster relief as well as United Way.

In keeping with this promise, OpenText has developed a program to help ensure we direct our resources, where the most impact will be made.  As a global leader in our industry, we have a great responsibility to give back to our communities around the world and to focus our attention, whether it be through monetary support or voluntary commitment to efforts which better our communities.  OpenText will focus on the following four pillars:

Education and Innovation for Global Change:  Innovation is core to our business success and central to the advancement of people, and their communities. We collaborate with universities, institutions, colleges, governments, industry partners, and non-profit organizations to foster education and innovation, and strive to promote the transformative power of technology. OpenText is committed to supporting foundations which foster education and innovation in order to help cultivate the leaders of tomorrow and create a foundation in our communities to enable education and innovation programs. This includes organizations such as outreach programs, education programs for the under privileged, institutions which focus on youth education and technology innovation.

Children and Family:  Many communities around the world offer such programs and foundations which aide in the health, welfare and social services for children and families in need.   These would include local organizations that provide a safe haven and nurturing environment to family and children.  OpenText will also continue to give to Cancer Research and other catastrophic illnesses.

Disaster Relief:  From time to time, the world will be impacted by a devastating event which will call us to take action quickly in order to save lives and lessen the devastating impact for people affected by a country or global disaster.

United Way:  In the Americas, we continue to support the efforts of United Way and their mission to assist countless organizations in the communities where we live and work.

For giving guidelines and information on how to request support, visit website (click on Link below). 

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