CTE Student Ambassador demonstrating skills to visiting eighth-grader.
Two CTE dental students using stuffed animals to show preschoolers how to brush their teeth.
CTE students working on a zombie house
High school students working with aide.
Westside Academy students and staff celebrating St. Patrick's Day.
Field trip to the mall.
Students learning coding in Project Adept class
MS student building a robot in CaSS class.
Students catering an event at the PD Center.
Student wearing pink plaid blouse and pink hair ribbon.
Student unloading the dishwasher at the ADL House.
Great smile!
CTE Student Ambassador demonstrating precision machining equipment to visiting eighth-graders.
Three friends at the Santa lunch.
Students catering an event at the PD Center.
Students at Ridgecrest Academy assembly.
Students speaking to business people at Career Day.
MS students in ASD class.

Communication & Technology Services


Students participating in an interactive video conference.

“Nothing to be scared of!”

The student in Special Education teacher Keri Kephart’s class in Hilton wasn’t afraid of spiders or scared of participating in the interactive videoconference focused on the little creatures.
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SLS Lindsay Neumire introduces teachers to Cubettos.

Makerspaces: Preparing for a changing society

BOCES 2 School Library Services and CaTS are providing the equipment, support and training district teachers need to incorporate new makerspace tools into their lesson plans.
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View of the print shop equipment

Print Shop update

The BOCES 2 Print Shop has a shiny, new piece of equipment to help school districts and BOCES departments with their printing needs. More +
Megan Hugg with group of children sitting on the floor, listening.

Coding unplugged in the Open Mind Zone

Each of Churchville-Chili’s three elementary schools has begun plans to create its own unique makerspace, with a little help from BOCES 2 School Library Services and CaTS. 
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BOCES 2 Board Meeting

Wed Aug 21 2019

New Staff Orientation

Mon Aug 26 2019
to Thu Aug 29 2019


Faculty Orientation

Tue Sep 3 2019


Communication and Technology Services (CaTS) at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES focuses its resources to help districts optimize the management and delivery of information, a strategic resource of every organization, by providing expert assistance in technology, writing, design, printing, and multi-media.
Communication and Technology Services
Westview Commons Business Park
3625 Buffalo Road
Rochester, NY 14624
Ph: (585) 349-9000
Fax: (585) 349-9012 
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