CTE Counseling Center

The CTE Counseling Center at WEMOCO offers students a variety of services. The Center’s counselors can help with course selection, career choices and personal issues. These services are provided in an informal and confidential setting. Students can schedule appointments and/or see counselors on a walk-in basis. 
Course Selection
WEMOCO counselors can assist students with program options and course selection. The counseling team works with students to help them make choices that will positively impact their future. Selecting an elective can be a difficult decision at times; counselors can assist student in the decision making process to include providing information about each class, prospective employment, and secondary educational options. Knowing and understanding the different skill sets and outcomes incorporated in the class selected helps in making an informed decision.
Student Support
Counselors help students sort through issues that impact learning and performance in the classroom. They serve as an important link between classroom teachers and students in order to maximize student success.    
Counselors are available for students who may need extra support in order to clarify and deal with personal issues that impact their learning. Counselors facilitate parent-teacher conferences as needed.
  • “I’m not sure what I want to do after high school.”
  • “What choices do I have for further education or training?”
  • “I have a personal problem that is upsetting me.”
  • “I’d like to change my WEMOCO course.”

To sign up for a class, students must contact their home school counselor.

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