About CTE

Career and Technical Education (CTE) at WEMOCO provides high school juniors and seniors with the opportunity to explore career fields while preparing for meaningful employment or post-secondary education. Our CTE programs develop technical and 21st century skills in classroom and laboratory settings. Programs are aligned to the 16 National Career Clusters, are relevant to career trends, and may include integrated academics. WEMOCO collaborates with business and industry partners to provide students with a variety of work-based learning opportunities.

School Calendar
Students attend Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs according to their home school schedule and district calendar.

CTE Schedule

For the 2020-21 school year, CTE has instituted a hybrid schedule. Beginning March 1, 2021, students will attend their CTE program four days each week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Remote instruction will continue on Wednesdays. Click here for more details.

View previous 2020-21 schedules here:

There are two cohorts of students (AM and PM sessions). 

Grades and Academic Credit
All Career and Technical Education courses are graded in four 10-week quarters, similar to the student’s home school. Grades and attendance are reported to the home school and recorded on the home school report card. The home school will award credit based on attendance and grades.

  • Recommended Credit (based on a 180-day school year):
    • Morning Session: 3 credits - 354 hours /school year
    • Afternoon Session: 4 credits - 471 hours/school year
  • Academic course credit for the 3rd year of math/science is available in specific classes. English 12 is available for students at the discretion of school districts. Please contact home school counselors for more information.

Districts provide bus service to and from the Career and Technical Education Center. Driving to WEMOCO is at the discretion of school districts.

Books, Materials & Supplies
Many classes at WEMOCO require materials that need to be purchased by the student (i.e., books, safety equipment, uniforms, locks, etc.). Teachers will inform students of required materials during the first week of school.

Student Leadership Opportunities

  • National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)
    Students have the opportunity to become members of National Technical Honor Society, America’s highest award for excellence in Career and Technical Education (CTE). This select group of students is identified as being honest, responsible student-citizens who have made a personal commitment to excellence and who agree to uphold the tenets of NTHS. Students are inducted into the honor society when they have demonstrated superior performance in their CTE class (via attendance and grades) and have the personal character to be recognized by this national society. NTHS students will participate in a community service activity.
  • SkillsUSA
    CTE students may elect to join SkillsUSA, an international organization that promotes leadership and professional development for students enrolled in Career and Technical Education schools. Members participate in skills competition at the state, national and international level, attend leadership conferences, and sponsor social events and community service projects.
  • WEMOCO Student Ambassadors
    Student ambassadors represent and promote career and technical education to prospective students and to people throughout the community. They often share their personal stories to raise awareness of opportunities at WEMOCO. Ambassadors are often seen at WEMOCO events providing tours and directing visitors. In their home districts, ambassadors  may represent WEMOCO at information events or speak at presentations.  Student ambassadors are nominated by their CTE teachers based on their enthusiasm, class participation, academic standing and dependability. 



Jill Slavny
Executive Principal

Shawna Gareau-Kurtz
Assistant Principal

Robert Hill
Assistant Principal

Paula Boughton 


The faculty and staff of the Career and Technical Education Department accept the responsibility to:
  • Welcome and teach all students
  • Facilitate skill development and personal growth
  • Help each student achieve program standards that lead to individual career paths.

Core Values

The skills and values we seek to demonstrate and instill in our students are: 

  • Self-Awareness
  • Moral Ethics  
  • Communication
  • Work Ethic
  • Career and Technical Skills
  • Academic Excellence
  • Team Work
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Accountability