OPI Kits

Photonics Lessons

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES has developed photonics lessons and “kits” for use in the public education system (grades 6-12). Instead of fitting photonics into one content area, one class, or one elective course, these lessons are built to work across multiple content areas and grade levels. Real world connections bring relevance and purpose to the NYS Standards. These activities align to specific content standards and some are interdisciplinary. They can be used to engage students in content they are already required to learn. The high school curriculum also aligns with elements of MCC’s dual enrollment OPT 110 course. 
The industry-aligned material resources will be available in organized “kits” that will be distributed through BOCES 4 Science. For information about renting these kits, please visit the BOCES 4 Science website or contact us at [email protected].
For those who would like to build their own kit, the material resources can be found under the related files on this web page. Information related to the material resources for each individual lesson can be found under the lesson files section on each lesson page.