CTE Programs and Courses

About CTE Programs

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offer high school students an opportunity to explore a number of different career and technical fields while preparing for meaningful employment and post-secondary education. Students gain a strong background in marketable skills and 21st century skills. BOCES 2 CTE offers 21 NYSED Approved CTE programs that shift responsively to meet the demand of skilled, high growth career fields. These programs are offered in classroom laboratories that are fully equipped with the same machinery, tools and supplies that are used in professional workplaces.

Locally Approved Courses

Locally Approved Courses are created to meet the needs of students who thrive with additional support and flexibility. There are two categories of Locally Approved Courses offered at WEMOCO: Introductions and Foundations.

Introductions Programs

Introductions Courses have a greater focus on technical skills than Foundations Courses with increased rigor. Introductions Course Unit are aligned to basic content knowledge and skills related to industry.

Foundations Courses

Foundations Courses are heavily focused on career exploration and career readiness skills to prepare students for independence.