Outdoor Powersports Technology

Powersports Are Everywhere - Become an Expert!

In a classroom a student wearing safety glasses make an adjustment to a hose that is attached to a boat motor.
Students learn how to maintain, improve, diagnose / troubleshoot, and repair two- and four-stroke powered machines. The theory behind carburetion, fuel injection, direct injection, ignition, electrical, cooling, two- and four-stroke engines, and drive systems are all covered in the program. 

Units of Study

Shop Orientation and Safety, plus:

  • Hand, Power, and Stationary Tools and Equipment
  • Pre and Post-Season Maintenance and Storage (boats, snowmobiles, outdoor power equipment, ATV's...)
  • Precision measuring instruments (micrometers, dial vernier calipers, dial indicators, feeler gauges, torque wrenches...)
  • Principles of Operation, Maintenance, and Repair: 4-Stroke Cycle Engines
  • Principles of Operation, Maintenance, and Repair: 2-Stroke Cycle Engines
  • Fuel Systems (Carburetors, fuel injection, direct injection)
  • Electrical and Ignition Systems
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • Clutches and Brakes
  • Trailer Service
  • Service Writing

Articulation Agreements

  • Alfred State College
  • Ohio Tech/Power Sport Institute

Licensing / Industry-Based Certifications

  • Equipment Engine Training Council (EETC) Principles of Small Engine Technology

  • Equipment Engine Training Council (EETC) 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine certifications

Career Opportunities

coming soon! 

Professional Outlook

Outdoor Power Equipment and Other Small Engine Repair Mechanics: 7.1% projected growth in jobs from 2018-2028 in the Finger Lakes region.
Median Finger Lakes region salary: $39,600 per year (in 2021)

Source: NYS Department of Labor 


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