CTE Parent Portal

Parent Access to SchoolTool Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is one of many ways to keep in touch with your  student’s academic progress at CTE, and is available to all registered  parents. The Parent Portal is a component of the SchoolTool  student database program, and allows registered parents and legal  guardians to access their student’s class schedule, grades, assignments,  and contact information.  

Registration for a Parent Portal  account requires a valid email account, a completed Parent Portal  Registration Form, and a photo ID upon submission of registration in the  CTE Main Office at WEMOCO. Registration forms are available in the CTE  Main Office, and by download from this page.
*Please note that  due to the nature of the information available through the Parent  Portal, registrations will not be accepted without the presentation of a  photo ID. Also if a parent or guardian is NOT listed as a contact in  the SchoolTool Database, CTE will need to confirm emergency contact  status through the student’s home school. Once your information  has been verified and your account has been created, you will receive a  password to your registered email address. 

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