Building and Grounds Maintenance

Explore the Tools of Many Trades

Two students examines a piece of wood on a lathe.
Fill your skill toolbox as you explore various trades. Equip yourself with lifelong skills in facility maintenance and landscape management. Learn how to be safe on the jobsite, whether it’s waste management or snow removal. Try your hand at electrical, plumbing and interior painting. Explore exterior maintenance and horticulture.

What You Can Learn

Units of Study

  • Classroom Orientation and Safety (OSHA Standards)
  • Fall Exterior Maintenance
  • Waste Management/Removal
  • Inventory Procedures/Organizational Tasks
  • Snow Removal and De-icing
  • Interior Maintenance/Cleaning
  • Electrical Device Maintenance
  • Plumbing Maintenance
  • Drywall Repair/Replacement
  • Preparation and Painting Walls
  • Spring Exterior Grounds Maintenance
  • Horticulture
  • Appliance and Furniture Transportation

How You Can Succeed

Classroom Support
As a Locally Approved Course, this course was created to meet the needs of students who thrive with additional support and flexibility. This is done through:
  • smaller student-to-teacher ratio
  • a classroom aide
Course Alignment
Locally Approved Courses are aligned to:
  • CDOS credentials
  • viable employment options
Work-Based Learning
Students in Locally Approved Courses can gain work experiences as part of the course. Organizations that support this course include:
  • Hamlin Beach State Park
  • Homesteads for Hope
  • NYS Parks and Trails

Where You Can Go

CTE Courses and Programs
After successful completion of this course, students can move on to an Introductions course or a CTE NYSED Approved Program such as:
  • Introduction to Construction Trades
  • Carpentry
  • HVAC
  • Residential and Commercial Electrical
Job Opportunities
Students gain skills applicable to a variety of entry-level jobs through this course including:
  • Grounds Maintenance Worker
    • 6% projected growth in New York State from 2016-2026
New York State Annual Salary Estimate
Entry Level: $23,550
Experienced: $39,370

Education Requirements
Formal education is not required; most learn on the job.

Enrollment Information

Meet with your school counselor to discuss how Career & Technical Education at WEMOCO can benefit your career development. Your counselor can help you begin the enrollment process.
Building and Grounds Maintenance
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