Latest Information from the NYSED Office of State Assessment

Memo: The deadline for ordering the 3-8 ELA & Math and 5 and 8 Science exams is November 10.
Highlights & Reminders
  • ELA is only available in English
  • ELLs attending school for less than one year as of April 1, 2024 are eligible for a one time exemption
  • Math and Science exams are available in the following languages
    • Arabic
    • Bengali
    • Chinese (simplified and traditional)
    • Korean 
    • Russian
    • Spanish
  • Students whose home language is other than the above may have an oral translation of the Math and Science exams only
  • Translated editions are mandated to be available but it is important for teachers and administrators to look holistically at the student to determine if the accommodation is appropriate to that student. 
    • Is the student literate in that language?
    • New student? Not sure yet? Order just in case

Memo: 3-8 Math, Science, and ELA exams
  • Computer-Based Testing
    • Multiple week testing window
    • Makeups given within window
    • ELA & Math: Schools must test the entire grade on the same 2 consecutive days
    • Science: Schools must test the entire grade on the same day
    • Students taken paper versions of the tests due to IEP, 504 ,or alternate language editions take the same on the same day
  • Paper-Based
    • Select two consecutive days within the testing window

Memo regarding the NYSESLAT
The 2024 NYSESLAT for grades 1 and 2 will be split into two separate exams. Grade 1 will take the new version of the test and grade 2 will take the traditional 1-2 test band of previous years. 

Additionally, computer-based testing of the NYSESLAT is projected to begin in 2026. NYSESLAT administration in 2024 and 2025 will remain paper-based. 

Elementary Testing Schedule for 2023-2024

New York State English Language Learner Assessments

New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL)

The NYSITELL is administered only once as part of the NYS Identification process for students who enter New York State schools, with a home language other than English, or re-enter after two consecutive years. 

New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT)

The NYSESLAT is administered annually in Spring to ELLs in grades K-12 in all public and charter schools to determine English language proficiency and mandated services for the following year. Building principals receive ordering information in February of each year. 

Testing Accommodations for ELLs

Schools are permitted to provide testing accommodations to ELLs on New York State assessments. Former ELLs are also eligible for testing accommodations for two years after exiting ELL status. Click on the link below for specific accommodation details. 

ELL students with testing accommodations can take this card to testing sites to remind those administering tests of their use of accommodations. 

ENL Report Card Templates Developed by the L.I RBERN Report Card Committee in August 2016

Mid-West RBERN Progress Monitoring Reports

This progress monitoring report kit is available to teachers looking for an informal checklist to assess students based on the NYSESLAT ToMs. It was developed by a team of ENL teachers from the region. This is a working document and will be updated continually. At this point, materials for Speaking and Listening are available. Click here to access a copy of the reports.
Mid-West RBERN Progress Monitoring Reports

For More Information

To learn more about assessments for English Language Learners, contact 
Professional Development Specialist
Mid-West RBERN
Monroe 2 Orleans BOCES
Ph: 585-352-2711