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Books and films to build empathy around refugees
This list of resources was compiled by participants in the collegial circle: Advocating for English Language Learners based on a book written by Diane Staehr-Fenner and moderated by Mid-West RBERN. One of the best ways to advocate for your ELLs is to help fellow students, colleagues, and school administration understand what it feels like to be an ELL. Creating a community wide sense of empathy helps create a sense of shared responsibility. These resources are to aid you in your advocacy work.
Videos, links and books recommended by Dr. Jan Stewart for better understanding and supporting our immigrant and refugee students who have experienced trauma. Compiled by Cori Smith.

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This solutions-oriented newsletter is a compilation of resources to help support you and your students' social emotional well-being every day. Self-care is the foundation of emotional resilience. Learning to care for one’s self is more important than ever. Like every flight attendant says, "In the event of an emergency, oxygen masks will drop from the panel over your head. Securely place your own oxygen mask on before helping others." These resources are your "oxygen mask". The best thing we can do for our students is to begin to care of ourselves, to be compassionate with ourselves, to honor our emotions, and where we are at any given moment and to teach them what we have learned in the process.