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NYSED Units of Study

The Units of Study tables provided are guidelines for mandated services for  ELLs as per Commissioner's Regulations Part 154-2 in both English as a New Language and Bilingual Education programs. As always, ENL instruction is an integral part of the Bilingual Education program.

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Book recommendations: 
  1. Teaching for Biliteracy by Karen Beeman and Cheryl Urow
  2. The Translanguaging Classroom by Garcia, Johnson, and Seltzer
  3. Dual Language Essentials by Freeman, Freeman, and Mercuri
  4. Dual Language Education by Sonia Soltero
  5. Toma La Palabra by Monica Lara
  6. Bilingual First Language Acquisition by Annick De Houwer
  7. Voces by Maria Carreira and Tom Beeman
  8. Coaching Teachers in Bilingual and Dual-Language Classrooms by Alexandria Guilamo