Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

There are multiple data collection points within SIRS. 

Level 0 is a application hosted by MAARS. It provides districts and schools with the ability to enter data and run validation checks against NYS data collection business rules. 

Level 1 is the WNYRIC Regional Data Warehouse. The WNYRIC Regional Data Warehouse is used to run addition validations and prepare data for submissions to Level 2. Demographic data elements are also used to match existing or create new NYSSIS IDs. The Regional Data Warehouse houses verification reports that help DDCs review data for accuracy and completeness.

Level 2 (L2RPT) is a single statewide data warehouse where all required student data from Level 1 data centers are combined. Level 2 holds records for all students, teachers, and non-teaching professionals. Data in Level 2 is used in developing the NYS School Report Card, determining Accountability Designations under ESSA, reporting BEDS and PMF data, meeting federal reporting requirements, and meeting other State needs for individual student data. L2RPT SIRS Reports are made available to schools as a means to verify their data in Level 2. 

Level 0 Historical is a State application used for updating individual student and staff historical data that currently resides in the data warehouse. The SEDDAS system is used to entitle access to Level 0 Historical. 

NYSSIS (New York State Student Identifier System) is a State application that assigns and maintains unique student IDs based on school-submitted data. IDs are used to provide longitudinal continuity for a student's records over their time in the SIRS.