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MAARS - Monroe Accountability, Assessment & Reporting


Monroe 2-Orleans Accountability, Assessment, and Reporting Services (MAARS) provides districts with guidance and training on a variety of items, including: ESSA and NYS Accountability; Content Area and Graduation Requirements; NYS Assessment Administration, Processing and Scoring, and Data Warehouse.
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Volunteer Teachers Needed: Item Mapping Regents Exams

Please consider asking teachers in your district to help with Item Mapping Regents exams.  Mapping can take place anytime starting the day after an exam is given up until July 8th.  You can do this at school, at home, or anywhere you have access to the materials. There is also a short video on the website that explains the process.

Materials are typically available the day after the exam is given.

1. Decide if you are going to map the exam on your own or get a group together.
2. Obtain a copy of the exam. These can usually be obtained from a department chair or principal if you do not already have a copy. Please email [email protected] if you cannot get a copy
3. Navigate to
4. You will need a copy of the User Friendly Standards, a copy of the worksheet, and access to the survey tool (all available on the website). The worksheet tells you which high level area the state mapped each question to. Start with this, and map the question to the lowest level of standard found in the User Friendly Standards. Write your selection on the worksheet. If you feel that the provided high level standard does not really fit the question, you can select a standard from a different area.
5. When you are finished, enter your responses into the survey tool. The survey tool will ask you for your email address and will send you a code that you can use to return to the survey if you can’t finish in one session.
6. If you need proof of completion for your district, ensure that you complete your own survey. Email [email protected] for more information.

WNYRIC Item Analysis reports will be available July 11th. If you do not have access to Level 1 Data Warehouse reports, please contact your district data coordinator for more information.

Thank you!

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