Two preschoolers with staff members
Students at CTE styling hair
Two students and a staff member in a classroom
Student and staff member working together in a Transition classroom
Open House event with families and teacher
Student in the machine shop at CTE
Student and staff member working on crafts
Open House event with families and teachers
Student working at CTE
Two students with teacher at Terry Taylor
Chef and CTE student baking a pie
Music therapy
Pre-schoolers washing up
Student with mask sitting at desk
Student and staff member working in the carpentry shop at CTE
Student with sun and moons on his facemask
Student welding at CTE
Student learning about how to prepare for a job
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MAARS - Monroe Accountability, Assessment & Reporting


Monroe 2-Orleans Accountability, Assessment, and Reporting Services (MAARS) provides districts with guidance and training on a variety of items, including: ESSA and NYS Accountability; Content Area and Graduation Requirements; NYS Assessment Administration, Processing and Scoring, and Data Warehouse.
Westview Commons Business Park
3625 Buffalo Road
Rochester, NY 14624
Ph: (585) 349-9010
Fax: (585) 349-9090 

Graphic image with quote "Data is only as valuable as our ability to respond to the needs it reveals."

MAARS Events


Monitoring i-Ready Personalized Instruction

If your school has i-Ready Personalized Instruction, then students may have already been taking lessons served up to them automatically. That does not mean you, as the teacher, are not involved in the process. Attend this session to learn how to check-in on students and answer these questions: Do my students need intervention? Do they need their path adjusted because it is too easy or too difficult? Find out how to address these questions and more.

Please note: Members of BOCES One or BOCES 2 school districts are subscribers to MAARS Services so there is no additional fee for members of these component districts.


5 Session Course- Communities of Practice: Assessment

What is the connection between assessment practices and Social Emotional Learning? 
How can teachers better engage their students in the assessment process? 
How can assessments be designed to support a culturally responsive classroom environment?

The date listed here is the first meeting.  There are 4 additional classes throughout the year.


DDC Training #3 Session - Data 102, Level 0 Reports

Deep Dive into the various reports available in Level 0

DDC Training #4 Session - January Regents & BEDS day

Reporting requirements for BEDS day. January Regents preparation

 Level 0
    Break-down Reports  
Level 1
    General Navigation
    Student lookups
    L1/L1C Error
    Instructional reports
    Tested/Not Tested Reports

    BEDS reporting  
    Instructional Reports
    Title I/III    
    Tested/Not Tested Reports
January Regents Prep  

PD & BEDS day reporting