NYSAA Computer Based Testing (CBT)

For additional CBT support information, please visit our webpage "NYSAA (CBT) Support" accessible via the menu link on the left side of this screen. 
For NYSED general information about NYSAA, please visit the OSA (Office of State Assessment) NYSAA webpage. 
Refer web link below.
 includes information on ...
  • NYSAA testing window for the year
  • all released NYSAA NYS important memos
  • birth date range for students with disabilities participating in the current year NYSAA 
  • ... etc. 
Keep your SEDREF information up-to-date:
  • Your  school's NYSAA Testing Coordinator, Principals and Superintendent
  • These folks, in your schools, are the first individuals to receive login access to Kite Educator Portal for NYSAA CBT testing
  • NYSED may also use this information to send important CBT emails directly to your district or school.
  • For instructions on how to update your SEDREF information please refer to the following NYSED web link...

      To Update a principal or superintendent in SEDREF

  • The same instructions can be done to update your NYSAA Testing Coordinator as well. 


 Setup For Receiving new postings on CBTsupport:

(CBT Support Website) School/district test Coordinator(s), Tech Support and Principals, should be setup as "following" CBTsupport NYS Alternate Assessment (NYSAA) - ELA, Math and Science.  Please use the web link below for instructions on how to set yourself up as "following" on each NYSAA section on CBTsupport...

Sign Up for New Content Alerting on CBT Support: "Follow" Feature 

  • Note that this article is posted on the 3-8 ELA & Math section of CBTsupport, but the the steps to setup as "following" is used for both areas of CBTsupport.