Two CTE dental students using stuffed animals to show preschoolers how to brush their teeth.
High school student in purple sitting at desk.
Friends checking out the mall on a field trip.
Child wearing blue coat and funky hat.
Child using assistive technology.
Student and aide using a laptop.
Students at Ridgecrest Academy assembly.
Student with aide at the ADL House garden.
Two middle school students in the ASD program.
Preschool student on trampoline.
Student in CaSS class at middle school.
Students at Ridgecrest Academy assembly.
Communication & Social Skills (CaSS) student completing an online course.
Students speaking with business people at Career Day.
Three children in Integrated PreK program with blocks.
Two friends in the HaAs program.
Preschool graduate with diploma.
Student in Work Based Learning program.
Student looking for gifts at a holiday fair event.

Department for Exceptional Children


Four preschoolers holding a sign and wearing their graduation caps

Preschoolers ready to move up to Kindergarten

 Celebrate their achievements with us! Lots of pictures on Facebook: Katie Wingrove's Class / Meghan Davis/Laura McNally classes
Four 2019 AHS graduates face the audience in their caps and gowns

Alternative High Class of 2019 celebrates

Photos from the Graduation Ceremony are on Facebook.
Students participating in an interactive video conference.

“Nothing to be scared of!”

The student in Special Education teacher Keri Kephart’s class in Hilton wasn’t afraid of spiders or scared of participating in the interactive videoconference focused on the little creatures.
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BOCES 2 Board Meeting

Wed Aug 21 2019

New Staff Orientation

Mon Aug 26 2019
to Thu Aug 29 2019


Faculty Orientation

Tue Sep 3 2019

School Opens

Wed Sep 4 2019

BOCES 2 Board Meeting

Wed Sep 18 2019


The Department for Exceptional Children at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES provides programs to meet the needs to students with a variety of abilities, which cannot be completely addressed by their local school districts. A wide range of educational opportunities is offered to expand and enrich learning for students with particular gifts and talents, to teach students with limited English proficiency, and to assist students with varying disabilities who require special instructional and support services. Follow us on Facebook.
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