Student volunteer at Cameron Street Ministries Emergency Food Pantry
A field trip to Cobble Creek farm
Visiting army major visits a classroom
All bundled up and ready to learn about pumpkins!
Medically fragile student and aide visiting a pumpkin farm
Therapist and aide assist student working on a yoga pose
1:1 Aide works with student to increase strength using yoga
Occupational therapist with student
Preschool students at their graduation ceremony
Happy child with aide and student volunteer at SEPTO Fair
Two engaged students watching a video conference on spiders
Teacher working with student on carpentry skills at Alternative High School
Two CTE dental students using stuffed animals to show preschoolers how to brush their teeth.
Friends checking out the mall on a field trip.
Student and aide using a laptop.

Department for Exceptional Children


Dept. of Labor Helping You Find the Career You Love

BOCES 2 is at a Job Fair

Join us on Nov. 21 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Orleans Center for Workforce Development in Albion. Come find a great career! More +
Student working with staff member in the kitchen at Cameron Street Ministries

Working together and giving back

On Nov. 7, BOCES 2 teacher Kimberly Lobdell’s class from Westview Exceptional Children traveled to Cameron Street Ministries in the city to volunteer. More +
Student and staff member in a pumpkin field

Fall fields full of pumpkins and smiles

BOCES 2 students in teacher Kate McElhaney’s class in Gates Chili visited Cobble Creek Farm for a day of rich sensory experiences.  More +
Major Ryan Crosby speaks with a student

What it means to serve

BOCES 2 teacher Rob Coatsworth’s 6:1:1 Behavior Management class at Churchville-Chili Middle School welcomed a special guest on Oct. 29: U.S. Army Major Ryan Crosby. More +
Students and aides learning about pumpkins

Learning takes a field trip

On Oct. 18, students left their classroom to get a different kind of learning experience. More +
From BOCES 2 Library Services

New Resources from Library Services

Did you know the amazing amount and variety of reading, educational and research materials that are available to the BOCES 2 community and component districts through BOCES 2 Library Services? More +



SEPTO Meeting

For information or questions, please contact:
Colleen Dox-Griffith, SEPTO President, at 617-2393 

Georgeann Beres, SEPTO Secretary, at 617-2447 

Dept. of Labor Job Fair

Join BOCES 2! See what we have to offer.
Attending businesses: Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, Lifetime Assistance, Claims Recovery Financial, NYS OPWDD, Velocitii, US Census Bureau, ATB Staffing.
See attached flyer for available jobs.

PLEASE BRING SEVERAL COPIES OF YOUR RESUME. PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE, PLEASE. For more information about this event, contact Ryan Trevas: 

SEPTO Meeting

For information or questions, please contact:
Colleen Dox-Griffith, SEPTO President, at 617-2393 

Georgeann Beres, SEPTO Secretary, at 617-2447 


The Department for Exceptional Children at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES provides programs to meet the needs to students with a variety of abilities, which cannot be completely addressed by their local school districts. A wide range of educational opportunities is offered to expand and enrich learning for students with particular gifts and talents, to teach students with limited English proficiency, and to assist students with varying disabilities who require special instructional and support services. Follow us on Facebook.
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