Audiological Services

Audiological evaluation services are designed to provide students, families, classroom staff and administration with information about the child's hearing and listening skills and abilities. Assessments are completed to measure hearing, middle ear functioning, auditory processing skills, word recognition skills, functional listening skills, and speechreading skills. Real ear measures and functional assessment tools are used to fit Hearing Assistive Technology e.g. FM amplification and verify the characteristics of personal amplification used as part of the educational amplification system.

Audiologists are uniquely qualified to offer related services on an ongoing basis to assist the student in maximizing use of their audition in a variety of situations. The audiologist supports the child/student (3 to 21 years) with hearing/listening disorders and their families to facilitate success both in school and as they transition out of high school.

Classroom consultation is offered to help the team better understand the child's abilities as well to identify those modifications that might be required to allow the student to meet greater success. Suggestions may be made to modify the acoustic environment where the student learns to facilitate improved learning conditions.

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