Highly Individualized Tutorial Services

Tutorial services at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES are offered to students awaiting placements in programs, students on suspension, students on home instruction, students hospitalized or chronically ill, or students with other specific needs. Instruction and program assignment is arranged and determined by the district personnel. In order to assure continuity between tutoring services and the school curricula, the referring district provides lesson plans and materials.
The tutoring service offers both Home Instruction and Center-Based Tutoring.

Home Instruction

All students in grades K-5 are provided home instruction, but sometimes it is necessary for students ages 6-12 to receive tutoring within a community setting. These services can be arranged with the head tutor as needed to meet the student's individual needs. Secondary students are provided a specially-trained tutor for two hours; elementary students receive one hour.

Center-Based Tutoring

Center-based tutoring is offered on the Rochester Tech Park (RTP) campus for students ages 6-12, for various reasons. Secondary students are provided a specially trained tutor for two hours; elementary students receive one hour. Tutoring focuses on completion of assigned work.

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