Career Planning Services

Career Planning at BOCES 2

The Career Planning Team is committed to creating a culture which empowers all students to achieve their full potential, and that promotes self-awareness, informed decision-making and personal growth in career planning and skill development.

Transition Services

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES provides technical assistance and training in the transition requirements outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and aligned to the NYS Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential. The process includes developing and building transition IEP teams; infusing transition activities and goals into Employability Profiles/Transition IEP documents for all students with disabilities 14 years and older; providing self-advocacy training for students and parents; and providing information and linkage to adult services and agencies.
  • Person-Centered Planning
    Process that uses a trained facilitator to assist students and families to create a circle of support network to develop meaningful life outcomes.
  • Parent Partner Services
    The parent partner is a parent of a child with disabilities who mentors families and students to assist their connection with services and supports. Using a person-centered approach, the parent partner directs families to a variety of resources, education and training opportunities.
  • Vocational Assessments
    Determining a student’s interests, aptitudes, abilities and learning style. Recommendations for program modification and placement, as well as areas for occupational exploration are made.
  • Training Opportunities
    • Transition Planning 
    • Person Centered Planning
    • Job Coaching
    • Family Referral Sessions
    • Students with disabilities transition to college

Work-Based Learning (WBL)

This is an unpaid work experience that provides opportunities for students to discover career interests and aptitudes. Student trainees learn about themselves, their capabilities and the world of work. They can receive school credits and/or the necessary hours towards the CDOS credential. Work experiences are provided in a variety of community and educational settings. Students in WBL also participate in the Career Skills Center a minimum of one time per week, which focuses on universal work-readiness skills. The Career Exploration Center is a short-term support which provides a five-day-per-week placement to prepare students for entry into the WBL program, or for re-entry when skills need to be reviewed and practiced.

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