Autism Services

Autism Services at BOCES 2

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Autism services at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES reflect the needs of the family, school and community with respect for the individuality of each student. Responses to students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are based in the understanding of autism as a neurologically based, lifelong disorder encompassing a range of social, behavioral, communication and learning needs. Individual student need guides the implementation of services and the selection of intervention strategies.

Who Provides the Service?

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Our experienced team of autism specialists provide:

  • Evaluation of student social, communication, behavioral and educational needs within school, home and community.
  • Recommendation and assistance with implementation of support strategies.
  • Consultation with teams and family members in provision of student support.
  • Coordination of services between home, school and community settings.
  • Training for staff and family.
  • Transition support. 
  • Assistance with IEP (Individual Education Plan) development.
  • Development of model student materials for program implementation.
  • Assistance in development of FBA (Functional Behavioral Assessment) and BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan).

Consultation and training are provided in conjunction with:

  • Dr. Danielle Morris, Psy.D - Clinical Psychologist.

For More Information

Philip Ortolani
Supervisor of Special Education
Ph: (585) 617-2724
Fax: (585) 617-2796
[email protected] 

Our Guiding Philosophy

The knowledge and understanding of the "Culture of Autism," as proposed by Mesibov and Shea, from Division TEACCH, is the essential first step in the design of BOCES 2 programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Understanding this culture provides the basis for utilizing structured teaching methodology, often combined and blended with other strategies in a SCERTS approach.  
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