Career Training Admissions

Admissions Steps

  1. Complete a contact card to ask specific questions and receive program updates. 
    • Once you submit the contact card, you'll receive an email (check your spam!). 
    • Use the link in the email to register for an entrance assessment.
    • If you've asked a question in your contact card, someone will contact you in 1-2 business days.
  2. Register for an Entrance Assessment (TABE = Test of Adult Basic Education). 
  3. Complete an entrance assessment to determine your program eligibility
    • Your score on the assessment helps determine the level of support you may need to be successful in the program.
    • Click here to learn about dual enrollment, a supportive program that allows you to enter a career training program faster, while gaining foundational skills in math, English, reading, studying, test-taking and more.
  4. Submit any required documentation.
    • See individual program pages for specifics
  5. Secure funding. Tuition assistance options available depending on program and individual eligibility guidelines. See specific program pages for details. Your payment options may include:
    • Self or Sponsor pay: Individual students or their sponsor, such as an employer, can pay directly. Payment options include MasterCard, VISA, check, cash, cashier’s check, money order, or company purchase order.
    • Dept. of Labor funding based on income eligibilitywindow to apply is 42-90 days prior to program start; 
    • Pathstone Training and Employment Services- is for those who have had involvement with the criminal justice system, excluding traffic court; 
      • Contact 585-340-3386 or Pathstone WEROC for 585-520-2579
    • ACCES-VR (formerly VESID) is for applicants with a documented disability that is a barrier to employment; application can take several months: 585-238-2900; 888-652-7062
    • Dual Enrollment Program 
      • Students 21+ and without a US high school diploma program may qualify for reduced tuition if they also take a CT Support Class or other literacy class.  
    • Program Scholarship information can be found on individual program websites. 
      • Many scholarships cover 100% of tuition costs. Application may be required.
  6. You're Enrolled! - Receive a confirmation email, followed up with important information prior to the start of class.

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