Supported Dual Enrollment Program

Accelerate Your Career Path With Dual Enrollment!

Are you ready for a career training program but haven’t yet earned your high school diploma? 
Are you ready for career training now, but need some extra academic or language support? 

The Supported Dual Enrollment program allows adult students to enroll in a literacy program and a career training program at the same time, so they can be ready for a new career faster. With this innovative program, students prepare to enter the workplace with highly sought-after skills while acquiring the necessary reading, writing, math, or English skills to become workplace-ready. Students enrolled can also work towards earning their high school equivalency diploma, even in a program that requires one!

Individuals at least 21 years old and without a US high school diploma may also be eligible to attend the CTE program at a reduced rate.

How do I get started?

There are two ways to start: 

  1. Those with high school diplomas already, should start at a Career & Technical (CTE) Entrance Assessment. Information about the program will be provided and you can discuss your options with your assigned advisor. Start that process by clicking here to visit our CTE page.
  2. Those without high school diplomas or those in need of English language support, should start with a literacy orientation - either HSE or ESOL. Learn more by clicking here to visit our literacy pages

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