HSE/GED for Ages 16-20

High School Equivalency Preparation for Young Adults (ages 16-20)

Please note that the information provided below is not an endorsement for students to choose the High School Equivalency program. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss this option with their family and school district, should they be interested.

The Center for Workforce Development’s high school equivalency program is for eligible students 16-20 years of age who live in participating school districts. Enrolled students will be prepared for the GED tests, which are the only NYSED-accepted exams for achieving the high school equivalency diploma.

CWD serves two student groups for participating school districts:
  1. in-school youth, ages 16-20: students registered with their home school district and enrolled at some point in the preceding 12 months.
  2. out-of-school youth, ages 18-20: students have not attended school in the preceding 12 months; students who have “dropped-out”
Note: All students under the age of 21, even those in group 2, must have approval through their home school district to attend classes at CWD. Details for both groups can be found below. 21 or older? See our adult HSE program page here. 
HSE for Young Adults (ages 16-20):
  • Monday – Friday; 12:00pm – 2:25pm
  • WEMOCO CTE Center 3589 Big Ridge Road Spencerport
  • Classes run September – June (follows CTE academic calendar)
  • Ongoing enrollment/exit, starting in August
  • Classroom instruction from a certified secondary education teacher; includes whole group, small group, and individualized instruction
  • The program is a general education program
  • Students test for the GED when they are ready, as indicated on readiness assessments
  • Expectations for attendance and behavior are consistent with that of a traditional high school program.
  • Test preparation in all required areas: reading, writing, math, social studies, and science
  • Students with Regents credit may be exempt from those content areas
  • Academic, personal, and career advisement is provided

Considerations for Group 1 (in-school youth, ages 16-20)
Determination of Eligibility 
  • Students must be actively enrolled in referring district. 
  • Students are not eligible until the July after their 16th or 17th birthday (based on district’s MCSAA) 
  • An academic screening assessment and intake meeting are required prior to entry. The assessment and intake meeting are conducted at BOCES 2 CWD @ WEMOCO by a student advisor. 
  • Students may have the option to enroll in a Career and Technical Education class in the morning, but a separate referral must be made to the high school CTE program.  
  • NYSED regulations require the student to have a 9th grade reading/math level 
  • Academic Testing  
    • Student complete academic testing in Reading and Math (TABE 11/12) 
    • Testing may be administered over several sessions at WEMOCO in a group or individual setting 
    • The pretest is given without testing accommodations, as per NYSED guidelines 
  • Additional student information, such as transcripts, IEPs and GED Ready testing, is reviewed to determine academic eligibility 
 School District Referral Process 
  1. School district collaborates with BOCES 2 CWD to discuss potential referral, questions, eligibility concerns 
  2. School district personnel completes the BOCES 2 CWD HSE Referral form and collects additional documentation, if applicable:
    • Completed NYSED Form B: Application for Variance of Admission Requirements. The referring district is ultimately responsible for all variance procedures and documentation. 
    • Transcripts, with most recent Regents scores 
    • Immunization/Health Record within last year
    • IEP/504  
    • FBA/BIP
  3. Submit referral and any additional documentation to [email protected]
  4. Receive confirmation of referral receipt from BOCES 2 CWD 
  5. Referral documentation reviewed for general eligibility.  
  6. Referral reviewed and intake and academic testing is scheduled by HSE advisor. 
  7. Intake and assessment conducted at WEMOCO CTE Center with student. 
  8. Enrollment decision made based on academic readiness, as determined by pretest results and additional data provided by school district.
  9. School district is notified of intake result. 
  10. If approved, student starts program on assigned start date.  
    • Transportation is arranged by school district. Students must have prior permission from CWD to drive themselves.   
    • If student is eligible for free or reduced breakfast/lunch, the school district must make arrangements to provide meals.
What to Expect at an Assessment and Intake Meeting 
  • Scheduled by HSE Student Advisor after all referral documents are submitted
  • Held at BOCES 2 CWD @ WEMOCO 
  • Assessment – TABE 11/12, Reading and Math 
    • 4 hours
    • No accommodations on the TABE, per NYSED assessment policy 
    • Can be broken up into 2 sessions
  • Discuss program expectations and GED test information, tour building, meet instructor if available.
  • CWD contacts referring party with outcome of intake/assessment. Students who are not accepted into the program are referred back to their school district or, if appropriate, an alternate program. 
Considerations for Group 2 (out-of-school youth, ages 18-20)
Determination of Eligibility
  • Students qualify as “out-of-school” once they have not attended a regular, full-time high school program of instruction within the preceding 12 months, and are therefore eligible to take the GED test.
  • Status must be verified by an institution official via the completed age eligibility form.
  • Students can self-refer but may only be eligible to attend if their home school district participates in the program or agrees to service. Participating districts include: Brockport, Churchville-Chili, Gates-Chili, Greece, Spencerport, and Wheatland Chili
  • May be a student who moved to the district at 18+ (often from out of state/country)
  • Students are not eligible until the month after they turn 18 through the month they turn 21.
  • An academic screening test and intake meeting are required prior to entry. The test and intake meeting are conducted at BOCES 2 CWD @ WEMOCO by a student advisor.
  • Students may also be eligible for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) concurrently with HSE preparation.
  • No transportation is provided.
 Self-Referral Process for out-of-school youth 18-20 years old
  • Student calls 585-349-9187 or completes a contact form: click here to access
  • Student eligibility is verified based on school district residency (Brockport, Churchville-Chili, Gates-Chili, Greece, Spencerport, and Wheatland Chili).  Students who do not live in a participating school district may not be eligible or may need to seek special approval from their school district.
  • Student must complete age eligibility form and have it authorized by a school official at their home district.
  • Group intake scheduled and conducted at CWD.
    • If approved, student starts program on assigned start date
Policies and Procedures
For successful completion of a high school equivalency or other literacy program, students must adhere to the policies and procedures as outlined in the Learner Handbook.

School District Referral Form

High School Equivalency/GED for In-School Young Adults, ages 16-20 
The following referral form must be completed by a school district official and emailed to [email protected].