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Two Adult Education Programs, One Low Price

Special Offer $99 Industrial Operator and Machining Fundamentals

For a limited time, the Center for Workforce Development has two programs that are only $99 each: Industrial Operator and Machining Fundamentals. Take advantage of this special offer and unlock the door to endless career opportunities. With hands-on training and expert instruction, these programs will equip you with the knowledge and experience you need to succeed in the growing fields of manufacturing and industrial operations. Don't miss out on this incredible value - invest in your future today!

The Industrial Operator program is designed to provide adults with the skills and knowledge necessary to monitor and maintain efficient operations. You will learn about safety, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more. With hands-on training and expert instruction through this part-time program, you'll be qualified for a job in only 15 weeks. Find out more about Industrial Operator at this link.

If you're interested in manufacturing, the Machining Fundamentals program is perfect for you. You'll learn the basics of machining, including how to operate lathes, mills, and other precision tools. With this program, you'll gain the skills you need for a fulfilling career in an in-demand industry. Learn more about the Machining Fundamentals program at this link.

Both programs are essential for anyone looking to succeed in today's competitive job market. And with our special offer of just $99 each, there's never been a better time to invest in yourself and your future. Don't wait - enroll now and start your journey to success with the Center for Workforce Development!

A CWD representative looks forward to chatting with you. Use this link to fill out a contact card and CWD will be in touch soon.

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